Most effective ways to prevent drainage clogging in your kitchen

Plumbing is an integral system of our house without which we cannot imagine comfort in our lives. A plumbing system has many constituents like drains, faucets, shower, garbage disposal etc and for the efficient plumbing, these parts should work perfectly. A clogged drain, no matter where it is present, is an unpleasant affair for all of us. They are frustrating and every time calling a plumber for the clogged drain is also highly expensive. Smoothly running drains is what we all want in our kitchens and bathrooms. Clogged drains can easily be checked by taking little care from our side. Though cleaning the drain is not a very difficult task but still, the experience itself is not very pleasant. The best way to prevent the clogged drain is to see what you put into the drain.

How to prevent clogged drain in Kitchen

There are few steps that you need to follow to prevent the clogging of your kitchen drain.

  1. Don’t pour the grease in the kitchen sink – Pouring cooking oil can cause grease to build up in the drain which can slowly clog your kitchen sink.
  2. Coffee ground – Another thing that we should never put in our sinks is the coffee ground. They also tend to block your drain.
  3. Running cold water when running the garbage disposal. This will solidify the fats and then they can then be easily grounded and therefore will not get stuck to the walls of the pipes.
  4. Running hot water through the sink after use can also prevent the buildups in the drain. Hot water keeps the grease running so that it can directly go to the drain without clogging it.
  5. Do not put fibrous food items like celery, egg shells, banana peel etc. This will jam your garbage disposal. This can stop the blades of disposal to work.
  6. An excessive amount of potatoes, pasta, potato peels or any other starchy food can build up in the plumbing causing pipes blockage.
  7. Using baking soda as a cleaning agent is also good for your drains. Follow the baking soda with hot water. It absorbs bad odors and your drain will smell fresh.
  8. Vinegar is another cleaning agent. Pour vinegar in the drain and keep it for 30 minutes, then run hot water. Vinegar is a great organic solvent which dissolves the buildup in the pipe.
  9. Ice and salt for cleaning the garbage disposal. Grinding the salt and ice from your garbage disposal will clean the buildup and grease on the blade of the garbage disposal.
  10. The problem of bad odors can easily be dealt by grinding the lime or orange in your garbage disposal.
  11. Using chemical cleaners for the clogging drain sounds great but it can damage your pipes because of the acid present in the cleaners. Cleaners can scrape up the pipes and the scrapping part can block the drains.

If even after taking good care of the drains, drains can get blocked. Calling a professional plumber can help you in that case. He can easily clean your dirty drains. If you are a resident of Peoria, Arizona then you can contact Royal Flush Plumbing who provide a wide range of plumbing solutions for all your plumbing issues. So what are you waiting for call Royal Flush Plumbing and hire the services of the plumber in Peoria AZ.