Myths about house plumbing everyone should know

Plumbing is a very important system of our home. It delivers the clean water and removes the wastewater making our home safe from contamination so regular maintenance is needed to keep it working in a perfect condition. A plumbing repair is needed to fix all the plumbing issues. A local certified plumber will have all the required knowledge to complete any plumbing job.

There are many myths associated with the plumbing. Let’s have a look at few of them:

  1. You can drain the hot grease in the sink – Hot grease or grease drained down with the hot water can also cause the buildup and can clog your drains. Grease in any form can coat your pipes and can cause a serious mess for your drain. So avoid pouring the grease in the kitchen drain.
  2. Using lemon peels to freshen up the disposal – The lemon peels can give a nice fruity smell to the drain, but it can clog down the drain. Most garbage disposal cannot cut the hard things like lemon peels. The citric acid present in the lemon peels can also corrode the metal over time.
  3. You can flush anything in the toilet – Only human excreta and toilet paper can be flushed down in the toilet. Every other thing like makeup remover wipes, tampons, sanitary pads and the paper towel will clog your toilet.
  4. You can flush the flushable wipes – Flushable wipes are advertised in a way that we can easily get in the trap but truly they are not biodegradable like toilet paper. If you use a lot of them, then surely it will clog your drain.
  5. Using bleach containing tablets for your toilets – If you are going to wash the toilet bowl within 10 minutes then it is okay to use bleach tablets but when kept for a very long time it can damage your toilet.
  6. Sharpening the garbage disposal blades with ice cubes – Ice cubes and egg shells are good in cleaning the blades, but they cannot sharp the blade of garbage disposal. Ice cubes are very helpful when your sink is stinky.
  7. The water heater is going to explode when it is noisy – It’s again a myth. Sometimes when your water heater makes noises it is an indication that there is a sedimentation deposition in your water heater. Draining the water usually solves the trouble easily. You can call a professional plumber for the job or you can do it yourself.
  8. Small leakage from a faucet is not a thing to worry about – Dripping faucets doesn’t look harmful, but they can raise your water bills to significant levels. By just fixing the leakages of your faucets you can decrease the water bill by 10 percent. No matter how small the leakages are, they are the primary cause of wastage of water.
  9. Use of plunger to unclog the sink – Use of plunger should be done with caution especially when you have two sinks. One sink can clear up, but the other one can back up. Plunging splashback can be very dangerous and can cause severe skin damage if you are using the strong chemical cleanser. Using a non- chemical cleanser is the best when you are thinking of plunging.
  10. You can do all the plumbing work by yourself as it doesn’t need any skills - Trying every plumbing DIYs at home can prove to be very expensive. Sometimes trying the plumbing fixes can turn the smallest plumbing issue into the bigger ones. Plumbing issues are more complex than anyone can realize. Only professionally trained plumber should be called to fix the plumbing issue at your home. Their experienced hands and in-depth knowledge are required to handle the plumbing complexities.

Thus it is always better to hire the services of a professional plumber who has the proper knowledge and can efficiently resolve your plumbing issues. If you are a resident of Peoria, Arizona then you can contact Royal Flush Plumbing who is regarded as one of the best amongst the plumbing industry and provide the best plumbing in Peoria AZ.