Is your piping in trouble

Piping is a main component of the basic infrastructure of a house. So, to keep a house in good condition it’s important that we keep a close eye on the well-being of the piping. Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, we can save a fortune by considering and opting regular plumbing repair and maintenance services. Hiring a licensed plumber for any plumbing service is highly advised. There are numerous reasons behind tempering of your valuable pipes. Underground pipes can get punctured by tree roots. Pipes can get shocks by sudden changes in direction of water flow. High water pressure can also cause damage to the pipes by continuous sharp water flow. If there is change in weather due to extreme drop in temperature pipes can dry up and get cracks. To avoid sudden flooding, health issues by drinking poor quality water, big expenditure on plumbing services check if your piping is in trouble consider few aspects in mind as follows:

  1. Stained and distorted walls- This sign is not difficult to notice and know that your piping is at trouble. Leaks in pipes behind the walls cause flaky appearance of walls with wrinkles and bubbles. Continues dripping keeps the walls moist and hazardous fungus can grow up there. Small leaks can get bigger with time and cause even flooding which will damage your property and belongings.
  2. House older than 60 years- If your loving house is older than 60 long years and you haven’t got any pipe replacements till now, your piping might be at risk. Do check the visible pipes in basement or other places to know the condition of your pipings. You can even hire a local plumber to check this out for you in a detailed manner.
  3. Discolorations of water or foul smell- Your piping is at trouble if the water contains a foul smell and its color is changed. This might be due to corrosion or deposition of debris in you pipes. Water color can be different if you have well water. Don’t compromise on your health by drinking this kind of water and immediately call a plumbing repair service provider near you.
  4. Dripping faucet- Never ignore a dripping faucet as it might not only waste a huge amount of water slowly but also might be a sign that your piping is at trouble. Get your piping system checked properly if this problem is sprouting out again and again.
  5. Clogs are more frequent- Over long period of time substances stick around in pipes and create the problem of frequent clogs. This can’t be ignored as with more time this issue can grow up and increase the expenses on plumbing. If unclogging is getting difficult it means clogs are deep and need attention. Doesn’t matter what quality pipes you got this is a fact of life. No pipes are immortal after all!
  6. Water pressure is very low- Your tap is dispensing very little amount of water even when it is all right? Well, this is an indicator of piping trouble. High pressure of water is being wasted here as well. It means somewhere the pipe is leaking or is clogged heavily. Consider hiring a plumbing service at this stage.
  7. Hype in water bill amount- The piping is a culprit of a hyped water bill if you have not increased your water usage by any chance. Household electric appliances use more water when the pressure is low due to blockage in pipes. It’s time for a plumbing repair service as your piping is at trouble.